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This workbook is a tool and resource that allows you to approach time in a new way. This is done by working with the cosmic cycles of our Sun and Moon — and also with the cycles of your cosmic self. Moon Dweller will help you experience time as cycles that are synced with the cosmic rhythms of our universe, using a circular calendar, and integrating the solar and lunar cycles’ trek through the Zodiac.

to live by a circle

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live by a cycle

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Full Moon illustrations that invite you to get creative; color it in to unwrap your unique process each month.

Meet the artist behind the Moon illustrations: San Diego based artist Marissa Quinn creates intensely detailed and intricate pen and ink drawings, based on personal visions and dream states. Her work narrates the cyclical stories of extinction and growth in nature.

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Online Foundational Course to help get you started and put you into your new circular calendar

The 2022 workbook will be accompanied by its FREE (upon book purchase) foundational course to guide you in grounding into the many cycles of life with the Sun and Moon. Together, we will connect to the wisdom and nature of this circular calendar to invite new revelations and insights into our life!

This workbook helps to cultivate a more well-rounded lifestyle that gives you opportunities for self-reflection, to create sustainable self-care rituals, to experience time differently and to easily be in sync with the Moon phases and Zodiac signs.

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Literally, the best journal I’ve ever had. It’s circular instead of linear which my brain apparently loves because it’s the end of April and I’m still doing it! I usually quit journals faster than gym memberships. Highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already...

Kir Collective @KirCollective

Meet the Creator

Hello Moon Dweller! My name is Nina and I am so honored to have you here with us. 

I have created Moon Dweller out of my own journey to find my place and connection with the cosmos, with the universe. It is my passion to stay in tune with the sky that lights up our tiny Earth. As the daughter of Astrologer, Shannon Aganza, and daughter of Graphic Designer, Chato Aganza, and a graduate with the degree of Bachelor in Arts and Sciences, I have found that I naturally translate the phenomena of life through a mind that is artistic, inquisitive and astrologically driven.

Moon Dweller is a place that unveils the backdrop to our lives. It is a place that gives you resources to discover all of the divinities of your true self. It satiates our desire to be connected to the cosmos because let's face it, living here on Earth as a Moon Dweller can be hard sometimes. But I hope that with the information and tools Thee Moon Dweller provides, it can help us all find peace, contentedness and inspiration to prosper, no matter where we may be. 

Thank you, fellow Moon Dweller


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