The Crystal Collection

The Story Behind A Rare Collection Of Crystals

Our story begins in a hot, arid, and vibrant 1970s Arizona, where the iconic Em’s Gems crystal business began at the International Gem Show in Tucson. Shortly after its birth, the burgeoning business was acquired by a particularly special couple — both archaeologists, with a keen eye for exotic, unusual crystals. Their mission: to take an already established, outstanding, and museum-quality collection of crystals, and grow it into an even more superb amalgam of the earth’s rarest, most exquisite treasures. Through adding ancient dinosaur eggs, dazzling fluorites, and exceptional calcite points, they created an extraordinary repertoire that rivals fantasy lore. 

Yet with the passage of time and life, the couple eventually retired — which meant retiring their crystalline cornucopia and packing it away into storage. Like the Cave of Wonders in Aladdin, these precious gems remained tucked away for decades (20 years, to be exact) … until another couple crossed paths with the archaeologists. This time, the duo was a mother and daughter: Shannon and Nina Aganza. Once connected with the Em’s Gems proprietors, the two decided it was time for these crystals to shine in the public light once more — and for these pieces to imbue the world with their magic. 

Over the past few years, Shannon and Nina have become intimately connected with these crystals — their energies, their stories, their unseen beauty. They feel a deep reverence and privilege to be the caretakers and stewards of these terrestrial gifts, and are slowly unveiling them to the public, piece by piece. What you see here are treasured, one-of-a-kind gems — some of which come from defunct mines and cannot be found again — which have not been seen by the human eye in decades. Today, that changes. Let us rejoice in the beauty and magic of these crystals!